Thursday, May 17, 2012

Doggie Door

My parents wanted to put in a doggie door by their sliding door, so we went over so Dan could help.
This is what Andy thought of the noise!

Cutting the hole on the inside


Drilling holes for the corner

Andy lending a hand

Andy cleaning up

William helping

Cutting the outside

A hole!


Andy pounding in nails

Not so sure Betsy is enjoying this ☺

William pounding in nails

The boys measuring

 Inaugural use of the doggie door

All finished


wickedtats said...


I love the photograph of the dog hug =). I've seen that look a couple of time on my dog too lol.

Amy :) said...

Oh, I bet Betsy & Abby love that door!! Looks like a fun project and I love the pic with Will hugging Betsy. :)