Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Emily at her locker

Emily at her desk

Emily with her teacher, Mrs. Mier. 
Emily is in a K/1 class (she's in Kindergarten)

Sarah at her locker

Sarah at her desk

Sarah with her teacher, Mrs. Nord.
Sarah is in a 1/2 class and had Mrs. Nord last year for 1st grade, too.

While we were waiting for the bus, this is what we saw across the street.

In case you couldn't see it, here is a close up!

Getting off the bus finally!  (they were 40 minutes late!)

Emily's first bus ride home from school.

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Amy :) said...

Fun to see the pics of the girls' first day of school! Emily looks *so* excited about starting school today!!

Amy :)