Saturday, September 24, 2011

Andrew's 1st Haircut

Before - front, can't really see his hair anyway!

Before - Back, the reason I've waited so long to cut it - the curls!

Before - side

I decided that since it isn't very humid anymore to cause Andy's hair to curl up, I should give in and cut it.

Andy sat very still and didn't fuss at all!

After I got done cutting it, I realized that if I had waited a week, my sister and her family would have been here and be able to see his curls - maybe (if it was recently wet anyway!)

But it was getting pretty long!

After - front, slightly blurry

After - Back

After - Left side

After - Right side

1 comment:

Amy :) said...

I see it, Becky! :) Well, I know it's not the same to see in photos instead of in real life, but wow! Those were some cute curls!! :)

The haircut looks nice, too, and he looks like he had fun getting his first haircut!

See you in six days!! :)