Monday, August 1, 2011

My Wedding Dress

I decided to post pictures of me making my wedding dress since it is almost my anniversary.  I had to special order the fabric from JoAnn Fabric. Then I waited until school was out to start. I rolled out the fabric and there was a flaw running the whole length of the fabric! So I had to re-order a new roll!

Laying out the fabric. 

pinning on the lace

Loop tape pinned on. 
If you notice, the date stamp says " 7/29/98"
 - my wedding was 08/08/98
- so I had 9 days to finish it! 
Having to re-order the fabric really set me back!

Sewing on the buttons

Sewing the hem
I brought it to the dry cleaners to get ironed (only ironed) and they got a stain on it!  And they messed up the bridesmaids' dresses (I think the hems got wet and it sagged the fabric).  So on the Thursday before the wedding, we rushed them to the other dry cleaner in town and they fixed the problems (at a discount)  A little too much stress for me!

Check back in a week to see the finished dress!

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Anika said...

Must have felt awful with the setbacks! That's so admirable, sewing your own wedding dress. I hope to do so as well some day. (:

Can wait to see the finished dress!

And happy (almost) anniversary!