Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Do NOT Like Sharing My House With a Mouse!

I'm not scared of them, they are just a nuisance.  Sort of like the fruit flies that always seem to hover around the kitchen, or the tiny ants on parade around my kitchen sink!   There have been a few "face to face" encounters like when I threw away some trash and found a mouse perched on the front corner of the trash can, or when one came popping out at the top of the couch, but mostly just hearing them scurrying or chewing in the corner.   I have tried several types of traps and poisons, but so far, the only one we've managed to kill is the one I whacked with a broom!   I hope that we will rid ourselves of the pests soon!

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Orange Grove Nursery said...

When we lived at Towner, we would off and on have mousey "guests". We found, as gross as it can be, the best way was to use the old fashioned mouse traps. We'd always wait until the kids were in bed and set them out where we had either seen them/evidence of them or figured they'd be. Jelly beans cut in half and wedged into the trip lever seemed to work the best. We tried peanut butter, but they can lick that off without setting off the trap. Cutting the jelly bean in half exposes the gooey sugary inside, and if you wedge it onto the lever well enough, they have to sink their teeth deep into the jelly bean and it sets off the trap. We made sure to get up and check the traps before we let the kids go out of their rooms in the mornings, that way they didn't have to see if we actually did get a mouse.

Good luck!