Sunday, June 12, 2011

John Ball Zoo Field Trip

I am finally getting to posting about the field trip I went on with Sarah's class last Friday.  We had 200 pictures from the day to go through and label and resize and etc!  So this is only a "small" representation of the pictures we took!

Sarah's class in their tie-dyed shirts ☺

Sarah and me

Take time to smell the roses!

He's kind of hard to see, but to the left of Sarah, next to the rock is a huge frog!  I had her stand there for reference on how big he really was.

Here he is!

I like the look on Sarah's face


Maureen said...

You must read Hilaire Belloc's nonsense verse about the Frog to Sarah: "Be Kind and Gentle to the frog/and do not call him names....."
Perhaps she knows it already, it would be an appropriate one to learn if she doesn't!

Amy :) said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Wow, Sarah is really growing up... it's so amazing that the "triplet" cousins are going to be in 2nd grade this next year!

Is she done with school now for the summer? Schools here were mostly done the last week of May. Early, huh? But then they start back up again on August 8 (your anniversary!) so I guess it all works out to about the same amount of summer break, after all.