Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Latest Time Consuming Project

I had decided quite awhile ago to make clothes for the kids' 18" dolls for Christmas. It was quite a time consuming project. Especially since I couldn't work on it when the kids were around! Pullng a muscle in my back from coughing didn't help, either! Each doll ended up with 10 clothing pieces plus some doll "Crocs". Each kid has a color that we use to mark their toys and belongings, so the doll clothes, for the most part, followed suit!

Sarah's doll wardrobe

Close up of jeans and footed pajamas

Close up of towel, t-shirt, dress shirt, skirt, shorts, undies, and Crocs.

Close up of bathrobe and dress

Emily's doll wardrobe

William's doll wardrobe

Will's color is green and the bathrobe really is a green color!

The boys got an extra t-shirt and a pair of dress pants instead of the skirt and dress.

The boy's undies have fake flies!

Andrew's doll wardrobe

Close up of the "Crocs" (or as their known in our house... "Hole Shoes")

For the things that didn't fit the color coding system, I put bias tape "tags" to show who they belonged to.

I put the clothes into color coded tubs my parents found while on vacation.

Grandma knit ponchos and scarves for the dolls, too.

I will post pictures later of Christmas and the kids opening the clothes, but I wanted to at least post the ones of them sleeping with their dolls who have on their new jammies.

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Happy Bluebird said...

How absolutely adorable! That was a lot of sewing - I don't think I ever got more than doll diapers and maybe one outfit done for my girls. Even I could play with dolls again with this many clothes :)