Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Christmas Presents

About a month ago, Sarah told me she wasn't scared to get her ears pierced. Emily said she'd like to get hers done, too. So we decided that they'd get them done for Christmas. We went to Walmart yesterday to get them done, but the girls didn't know until we got there!

Emily went first (She just climbed up into the chair!)

Here, the lady is marking the spots for the earrings to go.

1,2,3 ....

all done!

Sarah was a little more nervous about it and held Grandma's hand the whole time.

Marking the spots.


all done!

They got butterflies in their birthstone. They came with matching necklaces!

1 comment:

mattswife1990 said...

What a fun Christmas surprise for the girls! Sarah really does look a little unsure of the whole thing.

I remember well when we got our ears pierced. I felt like I was so old to "finally" get mine done. Somehow now, as a mom, ten doesn't seem so old! :)

Amy :)