Monday, January 4, 2010

A Day in the Life

I wanted to take a picture of Emily & Andrew together since their outfits were similar, but grabbed a couple of all the kids as well.

I like this one as it shows Will "ignoring" me. If he doesn't want to answer a question, or to get his picture taken, or whatever, he scrunches his eyes shut (ie. I can't see you, so you aren't there!)
Here I think he's just goofing around.

Andrew & Emily matching
The picture doesn't really show, but both outfits are fuzzy green corduroy.

This is why I took the bumper out of the crib.

close up

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Ed & Dottie said...

You should show that picture of Will with his eyes like that so she can see he does do that & there isn't anything wrong with his eyes. Love Ya, Mom