Friday, June 13, 2008

Recycled Sweater Soaker

Will only had one wool soaker, so if I wanted him to wear a onesie, he had to wear plastic pants over his diaper. I dug out the remains of the felted sweater I used for his longies and set to work making him another pair.

I traced the soaker that he had and then added to the width since the sweater won't stretch as much.

I laid the pattern on the sweater. I left the extra ribbing at the top to use for a casing. I also used the side seam already in the sweater.

Here it is cut out.

I sewed the seams stretching the wool as I went.

Fold over the top of the ribbing and sew for a casing for the elastic.

Thread the elastic.

Here it is so far.

I tried it on William.

I tightened the elastic and sewed a hem on the legs.

All finished!

Close up view.

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