Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Two More Soakers!

I finally got the brown wrap soaker finished!!
(This also shows that she DOES wear shirts! I usually just take them off for the picture so that you can see the soaker better!!)
I decided to fasten it with buttons and elastic loops.
I think that this one might be a little too big!
And here Emily is wearing the latest creation using the rainbow yarn I Kool-Aid dyed. (see post called I'm a Dyeing Fanatic! to see what the yarn looked like when I finished dyeing it)
She didn't like how tall it was and pushed it below her belly button!
Here's the front,
and the back

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Amy :) said...


I like how those turned out! I think I like the shape of the brown one best, and the buttons look cute. :) It's fun seeing how the rainbow one turned out, too! :)

Amy :)