Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm a Dyeing Fanatic!

Sarah said that Emily should have a green soaker, so we set out to dye some yarn green!

Here is the yarn all ready for dyeing.

Here is the dye for "Yarn 4"

The yarn is in the dye ready to go.

The girls are checking out the yarn.

Here is "Yarn 4" all finished.

I wanted to try to do a multi-colored yarn next, so I decided to do one with all the colors of the rainbow. I had a hard time finding blue Kool-Aid, but then someone pointed me to Flavor-Aid from Sav-A-Lot. My project was saved!

I needed to wind the yarn around something bigger than normal in order to be able to get all the colors of the rainbow, so I used an upside down laundry basket.

I tied the yarn into a flower with 6 "petals"--one for each of the colors.

I decided to start with the Primary colors since I couldn't get all 6 "petals" in the jars at once.

I used one package of Kool-Aid per color/jar.

Next, I put every other "petal" of the flower into the dye and set it in the sun.

This is the 2nd group of colors being dyed. Emily thought it was pretty.

Here is "Yarn 5" after it is all done. I called it my "Hippy Yarn". The green, blue & yellow took 1 ½ hours, the orange took 2 hours, the purple almost 3 hours, and the red was in for 3 hours and I took it out because I needed to bring it somewhere else to finish the other three colors. There was still a lot of red in the jar, but the intensity of the red matched the other colors, so I decided to not put it back in.

Here are both yarns all balled up. The multi-colored one looks like an Easter egg now!


mattswife1990 said...

Wow! That was quite the project, Becky! It will be fun to see what the soaker looks like once you knit it up. It would also be fun to see if you could knit a soaker and then tie dye it. :)

Looks like the girls think this is great fun! :)

Can you dye other fabrics with Kool-Aid, or is it only wool that it works with?

Amy :)

Becky said...

You can only dye "animal products" with Kool-Aid. I think that includes silk as well as wool. But I don't have any silk yarn! And it doesn't work for soakers!

ilse said...

sorry, Becky, i'm sooo silly! i left my comment on this awesome dyeing post on the one named "i need to catch up" below, duh! :)