Thursday, May 29, 2014

Book Review: 'The Super Heroes Bible in 3D"

I was given a free copy of "The Super Heroes Bible in 3D" from Zondervan through the Z Blog Squad in exchange for my honest review.

"The Super Heroes Bible in 3D" is in the New International Reader's Version, which apparently is an easier to read/understand version of the regular NIV.  

"The Super Heroes Bible in 3D" intrigued my children.  It has silver on the edges of the pages with holographic circles.  The kids really liked this feature but it was hard on my eyes  (I get migraines and shifting lights are a trigger).  It is really cool, I just couldn't look at it long.

The 40 color 3D pictures are the kind that need glasses with a red and blue lens to look right, but there is a pair of 3D glasses included with the Bible and it has a little velum pocket on the inside of the front cover to hold it.  The glasses are a heavy duty cardstock, but will wear after time and depending on  the amount of care they are given.

The back cover gives a "Super Hero Decoder" that the reader can use to "decode" the traits of the heroes of the Bible.  Each book of the Bible has an introduction that tells about the  theme of the book and which super heroes are in that book.  There are character sketches throughout the Bible that tell more about that person, what super hero traits they exhibited, and how the reader can be like the person.  There are also write ups about people who fail and they list a (not!) behind their name so the reader knows they aren't someone to live like.  

I liked the "Power Surge" notes that highlight key verses and what character traits are shown in it (complete with secret codes from the decoder)   We found the blue ink harder to read and focus on.  We would have preferred black.

The back of the Bible has a Super Hero Bible quiz to see if the reader can figure out who the clues are talking about,  an index to the pictures, the Traits of a Super Hero (the same as the decoder on the back cover except it also lists the pages these traits are found), and a dictionary.

I think the "Super Heroes Bible in 3D" would be great for elementary children, epecially boys.

The 'Super Heroes Bible in 3D" has a list price on $32.99 and can be purchased online here.

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