Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

So, we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving today  since Dan was mostly sleeping or working (Black Friday and all).  But we did have a traditional Thanksgiving meal yesterday.  Which is what we normally do since Dan's pretty much had to work holidays the whole 15 years we've been married (He worked security before being at Walmart).  It's our "normal" and it works for us ☺ The kids did work on a Thanksgiving craft today, though.  We didn't finish (the snow outside was calling them!), so I'll post "after" pictures later!


Marge Jones said...

Becky, I love how homey your pictures are---lovely meal, and fun craft time!! We did crafts today, too! Doesn't matter when you celebrate---or if you celebrate---Thanksgiving, but that you ARE thankful, and obviously you are!!
Love you,
Aunt Marge

Lisa Dodd said...

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