Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, William!

Today is William's 6th birthday.  The kids didn't have school yesterday, so I brought in his birthday treat on Thursday.  We had his party today.

Will's birthday treat
The inspiration picture used candy corn for the tail, but none of the stores had any now that Halloween is over!

Will's first reaction when his class started singing Happy Birthday

How Will spent most of the time of his class singing to him

After the birthday treat, Emi's class came down to read to them ☺

Will requested a tree cake

We had brunch (this is the "no onion" area)


With onion area 

Star Wars Fighter Pods from Dean & Lisa (I'd never heard of these!)

Lego car from Dean & Lisa

Shirt from Dean & Lisa

Avengers things from Jason and Rachel 

Jeff Gordon coloring book from Grandpa & Grandma

Craft supplies from Grandpa & Grandma

Poster to color from cousin Caleb

Frog from Mom & Dad

Stuffed horse from Emi

Troll doll from Sarah

Stuffed frog from Andy

Playmobil pirate raft from Mom & Dad 

Mars Lego from Mom & Dad

Will with his tree 

working on some of the crafts


Marge Jones said...

What a fun party---hard to believe he's 6 already! Amazing! Cute tree cake! Loved his school treats, too. Very creative with the tails!
Love, AM

Ed & Dottie said...

Was a nice day. Looks like he enjoyed himself. Sorry didn't mean to give you extra work today with him wanting to do some of his craft stuff right away.

Amy :) said...

Aww, Becky, he's so cute! I love the snacks, too, and go figure about there not being any candy corn in the stores when it's not even Thanksgiving yet! :)