Saturday, October 19, 2013

Michigan Dolly Day

 My sister Rachel hosted a "Michigan Dolly Day" at her house today.  She invited other reborn artists from the area to gather to visit and work on all things "dolly".  We ended up with 4 ladies (counting Rachel and myself) plus our 7 kids.

We had a baby swap.  Rachel decided to do it a little different and had the babies laid out with their accessories and we got the vote for our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices.  Then we got our babies.  

The swap babies:  From left, from Rachel, Tina, me, and Keli
Keli got the little scarecrow that I made (kit painted by Rachel)

Tina got the ghost that Rachel made

Rachel got the baby made by Keli

Here you can see me with my baby made by Tina.

We put together door prize goodie bags for everyone

Sarah opening mine

a tutu made by Rachel

a pacifier and a couple pencils

Tina opening her door prize

She got a corn hat I crocheted and a bottle from Rachel

Keli opening her door prize

She got the corn bunting I crocheted

all of us with our new swap babies ☺

Tina with her Juliet 

Keli with her Coco that she worked on rooting today


Emily with one of Keli's babies

3 of Rachel's in progress babies, plus her Violet from Keli 

The other head Keli was rooting today

I sculpted this head today. 
 I didn't get pictures of Rachel sewing a doll costume or Tina painting a doll kit.

The swap baby I brought with the swap baby I got

The 2 Coco's in attendance 

"Little Rachel" 

The door prize items

my baby's accessories 

Hannah Marie ♥
 Mini photo shoot:

The corn bunting I crocheted 

Corn hat Rachel and Tina got

Cozy with his pj's I made

The scarecrow outfit I made

I even made the crow ☺

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