Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kids Clothes Week: Day Three - Pillowcase Dresses (Tutorial)

I found a pair of King size pillowcases at Goodwill about 1½ years ago and bought them for the sole purpose of making the girls a pillowcase dress.  I figured that regular pillowcases might not be long enough, so the King size ones would be great!  Well, they were way too long!  So I ended up putting in "grow tucks".

Pillowcases and ribbons

So they were too long!

Cut sewn end off  pillowcase

Now you have a tube

I measured up 3¾" from the hem and folded the pillowcase back inside itself

I sewed 2" from the fold.  I repeated 3 times for Emi and 2 times for Sarah

Fold pillowcase in half and measure over 2" and down 7" and cut out a "J"

Small rolled hem for armhole

Fold up a casing for the ribbon

Thread ribbon through the casing 

Emi's dress all done (I still need to cut the ribbons to size)
Then back to Day 1's "Sunny Faces Sun dresses"....

I fixed the straps & then did the buttonholes and buttons (I tried out the button sewing function on my machine!).  I forgot to change the stitch length when I did the gathering thread on Emi's skirt!  But, I finally got them done!

I had cute flower buttons that worked perfectly!

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