Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kids Clothes Week: Day Four - The 27 Year Old Dress

For Day 4, I was going to work on another sun dress fabric panel, but I needed to check the sizes and the girls were at school, so I decided to get "the bag".

In this bag was a dress that I started for myself during 4-H meetings.  It seems like I worked on it only at the sewing meetings.  I'm not sure if we stopped having meetings, or that was when we switched clubs, or what, but it never got finished. 

 It was a size 14, so based on that, it was 1986 when I was working on it!

It needed the hem sewn for the ruffle,

the collar facing sewn down, buttons, and buttonholes.

That ruffle was LONG!  It was 5 complete widths of fabric for a grand total of 245" long! It took me 25 minutes to sew the hem, another 25 minutes to gather it on, and 30 minutes to sew it!

It needed a row of lace around the bottom of the skirt before the ruffle went on.

It will be awhile before anyone fits it, and hopefully it won't be too out of style, but it's finally finished!


Ed & Dottie said...

I remember this project. Has been awhile in the waiting stage. Hopefully it will fit one of the girls at the right time of year.

Christephi S said...

Seems like a pretty timeless style to me. Way to go getting it finished! I'm pretty sure any unfinished projects I had from that long ago have long since been tossed out. :-)