Monday, September 19, 2011

Rogue River Reenactment 2011

The kids watching the opening ceremonies on Saturday
I'd found this info on a website (that doesn't seem to be working anymore):
Short hair was common for little girls and young teens. The hair was blunt cut, usually at a length to about the base of the neck. The hair was neatly pinned back or a ribbon was tied in the hair like a hair band to keep it off the face.

Long hair was usually braided for play (parted in the middle and braided on each side just behind the ear), then pinned in rolls to the sides of the head. Braided hair was rarely left to hang down, this is only seen on farm/frontier children. Long hair might also be contained in a hair net or rolled into a bun at the nape of the neck. Long hair would only be left down for special occasions, when it would be curled into ringlets
So, since Sarah's hair is longer than the base of her neck, she got a "hair do" (for which Emi was very jealous)

Andy riding the rocking horse

Everyone is nice and warm in their wool outer wraps

Me spinning on National Spin in Public Day!

winding on my new singles yarn I just spun

my basket of wool and my spindle
The cousins playing with the new wagon

Lee Mulder singing tradional Irish folk songs
Lee is the "spinning lady" but I didn't get a picture of her with her wheel


Our camp

Grandpa and Will listening to Lee sing

Will washing dishes with Grandma

man powered lathe

carving a bowl

my attempt at a family picture

nap time ☺

Getting a drink
This is how Will was most of the weekend - barefoot!

Will cooking with Grandma

Emily making her own stew

"petting" a bear fur


Huge gourd full of beanpods

shucking beans

Beautiful beans

Sarah checking out the Indian's wares

French & Indian area

The kids watching the Civil War photographer colorizing a photo


Little Red Riding Hood pulling Little Gray Riding Hood

This is how William looked whenever there were "booms"

(Opening Ceremony on Sunday)

The photographer asked if he could take our photograph

Us getting our Tin type likeness taken in the authentic Civil War way

It in the chemicals afterwards

The kids look so "period"!

Indian children playing

Chart showing the types of beans he had

The beanpods he gave me to plant next year

From upper left clockwise: Iroquois Cranberry, Potawatami Lima Pole Bean,
Potawanami Rabbit bean, Cherokee Trail of Tears Bean, ? and center ?

Voyageur's cool tent

I liked this rocking chair


Ed & Dottie said...

Thanks for posting those pictures that way I got to see what else was in the camp as I never did get out & about. I love this event, a fun family thing to do & FREE.

Burtonbunch said...

Loved, loved the pictures! Thanks for sharing them...I wondered if you if all of you would be over there this past weekend! Heard that was going on, but wasn't sure if you folks were all still doing that or not!
Love, AM

Amy :) said...

I love the tintype! You guys really look like you're from that time period. :)

Looks like you all had a great time. We're looking forward to seeing you all SOON!! :)