Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reenactment Preparations

This weekend is the annual Grand Rogue Encampment. I had set my mind to doing Dan's greatcoat, FINALLY! I got the pattern in 2000! I decided I needed to check if I needed to make Andy a new coat or could alter his old one. In doing that, I found a whole list of things that needed to be done!   It is supposed to be rather chilly, so I wanted to be sure everyone's outerwear was in top condition. 

The body of the coat fit well, but the sleeves were really short!

So I picked off the edging on the sleeves

cut a piece of wool

Pinned it and sewed it on

While I was at it, I added pockets, buttonholes, and buttons

I added more length to the sleeves than Andy needed so that he could wear it awhile as here is Will wearing it!

I added buttonholes and buttons to Will's coat

My coat was missing buttons

So I sewed on new ones

I finally did the hem on Dan's pants (he tucks them in his boots, so they don't show)

Emily's cape hood was rather small

I had made them with one continuous piece from one side of the face over the top and to the other side

I cut the top of the hood and added a piece the width of the back

Much better ☺

The red didn't photograph very well, but this shows the seam in the back of the hood

As you can see in this picture from August, Emi needed her dress longer!
So I let out the grow tucks.  I also let them out of the spare baby gown for Andy and the waist of Will's spare pants

Sarah's doll's arm was coming loose

So it got mended as well as hooks and eyes sewn on the dress (and Emi's doll's dress, too)

And here is Dan's greatcoat - front

and back


Ladytats said...

busy lady, have fun at the re-enactment.
you do very nice work.

Ed & Dottie said...

Wow though you told me about most of this just reading made me tired. You did a great job on Dan's coat. Maybe you should make great coats to sell. :) just kidding I am sure one is enough of that big of a project.

Amy :) said...

Looks like you've been BUSY!! Have fun at your big event...