Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Pickle

I made ham/cream cheese/pickle wraps yesterday and William was helping by getting the pickles out of the jar. I announced that we had gotten all the pickles out and he said, "No, one more". I looked, and sure enough, there was something still in the jar. I thought at first it was just a stem, but it was a tiny pickle! I was using baby dills, but this was a baby baby dill!

It was about 1" long!

Next to one of the other pickles (which was one of the smaller normal sized pickles!)


Ed & Dottie said...

That sure was a baby pickle. Did Will let you use it or did it have to be kept because it was a baby? Love Ya, :)

Becky said...

Will wanted to use it, but I was out of ingredients, plus I figured it wouldn't be worth the effort! He carried it around showing it to everyone for awhile, and then just left it on the floor to pursue something else that caught his fancy!