Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Leaves are DONE!

I got all the leaves tatted! Can I just say, size 70/80 thread is NOT my favorite size!?! I had it break 3 times on me and it is much harder to close the little rings!

Here are the finished Oak Leaves. The first one I did is on the left and the last on the right.

As I was doing the first one, I changed the design from the way I had drawn it because it didn't fit in the space I had. But I didn't like the big empty space at the top compared to the filled in area at the bottom. So I took out 2 rings at the bottom to see if that would even it out enough--it didn't. So then I changed the top to fill it in more. The red leaf actually is a little different that the multi-colored gold one as I changed the length of the chains on the bottom lobes. I tried the shorter chains on the middle lobe, too, but didn't like it so it is only shorter on one side. So in the end, all 5 leaves are a little different than each other!!

I decided while I was tatting leaves for the kids, I might as well do a shirt for Dan and myself, so here are the leaves for all of us starting with Dan on the top, then me, Sarah, Emily, and William's on the bottom. Did I mention I don't like size 70/80 thread?? As I was finishing the last of the leaves, I remembered that I was going to make some leaves in the size 40 that I have. That would have made a little bit smaller leaves for Emily's shirt (since their shirts are smaller), but I'm NOT doing 3 more leaves!!

It's hard to be still in the fall "mood" when it looks like this:


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

The leaves are gorgeous Becky.
When I started tatting in size 80 thread, I hated it too because I was tatting with old thread that kept breaking. I thought size 80 thread was weak.
However, I purchased some high quality majestic size 80 and I LOVE LOVE it! It does not break and make such lovely does the size 80 HDT's.

Rebekah Gonzalez said...

well done...thats truly some talent you have there :)