Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Think I Need to Take a Detour!

Sarah has been asking for a "Fall" shirt. I looked at fabric today with the thought of applique-ing some leaves on a shirt. None of the fabric was conducive to this, so I decided I would just tat some leaves and attach them to a shirt.

Wal-Mart had long sleeve henleys on clearance so I got one for each kid in "their" color (Sarah's toys are marked with blue, Emily's with red, and Will's with green!)

I looked through my threads for varigated fall colors and didn't find much, so I may do some in solid colors, too.

The top row is Oren Bayan/Altin Basak 50, the first 2 on the bottom are Pearl Cotton 8, and the last 2 are size 80. I'm not sure if the Pearl Cotton would hold up to the washing and the first one won't work anyway, since it's just red and white!

Stay tuned!!

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BundlebooMaMa said...

ohhhh Im excited to see what they look like great Idea!