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"A Storm of Doubts" by JPC Allen -- Epic Book Launch

About the Book

Book Title: A Storm of Doubts

Author Name: JPC Allen

Genre: YA Cozy Mystery

Release Date: March 1, 2024

Her dad said nothing could hurt their relationship. But what if he isn’t her dad?

Summer gets off to a rocky start for twenty-year-old Rae Riley when the ex-wife of family friend

Jason Carlisle claims their youngest child isn’t his and Rae’s con man uncle Troy returns to

Marlin County, Ohio. Rae is already at odds with her father, Sheriff Walter “Mal” Malinowski,

over her desire to help people in trouble. When she extends that help to Troy and Jason’s ex-

wife, Ashley, she and Mal clash even more.

Then Ashley disappears, and Jason and his brother Rick are the main suspects. As Rae and her

aunt Carrie, a private investigator hired to protect Jason’s kids, work to discover what really

happened to Ashley, Rae wrestles with Troy’s insinuations that she may be calling the wrong

Malinowski “Dad.”

Book Excerpt

The terrain grew steeper, and Coral hurtled up it with the same ease
she would on a sidewalk. Puffing, I fell behind.
Beside an oak or maple—the tree was too tall to tell which rustling
leaves belonged to it—Coral studied the hillside, sunlight setting fire to
her chin-length haircut. Then she darted up the slope again, and I
lumbered along.
Fighting an urge to take a break, I spotted Walter's ramshackle one-
story house through gaps between the wide trunks of mature trees. We
ran out of the woods into the small clearing that surrounded the dingy
gray house.
As we hurried across the patchy grass, someone opened the squeaky
screen to the front door and sauntered onto the porch with a mug.
I skidded to a halt.
The man had shaggy, golden hair and a scruffy beard. Sipping from
his mug, he studied us.
Although I'd expected to find a few of our relatives from the outlaw
branch hanging out at Walter's house, it never occurred to me that our
great-uncle Troy might be back in the county.
And according to Dad and Gram, Troy was a synonym for trouble.

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About the Author

JPC Allen started her writing career in second grade with an homage to Scooby Doo. She’s been

tracking down mysteries ever since. Her Christmas mystery “A Rose from the Ashes” was the

first Rae Riley mystery and a Selah-finalist at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers

Conference in 2020. Her first Rae Riley novel, A Shadow on the Snow, released in 2021. Online,

she offer tips and prompts to ignite the creative spark in every kind of writer. She also leads

workshops for tweens, teens and adults, encouraging them to discover the adventure of writing.

Coming from a long line of Mountaineers, she’s a life-long Buckeye.

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