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"Legacy of Love" by Kathy Mills -- Author Interview


About the Book

Book: Legacy of Love

Author: Kathy Mills

Genre: Christian Nonfiction

Release Date: January 31, 2023

Legacy of Love is a heartfelt memoir that delves into the author’s personal journey of facing troubles and finding peace in the midst of adversity. Drawing from the powerful scripture of John 16:33, the author shares her experiences of praying for protection and blessings, only to realize that God’s answer may not always come in the way she expects.

When her husband Brad is diagnosed with cancer, the author’s faith is put to the test. She grapples with questions and doubts about God’s love, but eventually comes to understand that God’s presence and strength can be found even in the midst of difficulties. Through prayer and praise, she learns to rely on God in critical moments, discovering the true heart of God and experiencing His peace that surpasses all understanding.

Legacy of Love is a story of hope and courage, reminding readers that God’s love never wavers, even when faced with trials and tribulations. It encourages readers to shift their hearts from the temporal things of this world to the eternal love of God, and find peace in His unwavering presence. This memoir will inspire and uplift anyone who is going through challenges, reminding them that overcoming is possible through faith in God’s enduring love.


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Author Interview 

Question #1. Who would you say inspired you the most in your life?
I would have to say my dad and my husband. My dad inspired me growing up and
as an adult thru his example, to be honest, reliable, kind, and to always do my best
even if others around me are or do none of these things. He was devoted to family
and friends. He was a man of faith in Jesus, and although he may not have quoted
scriptures, he spoke Jesus’ teachings. He encouraged me to go after my dreams and
supported my attempts; those that succeeded and even those that failed. I never
doubted his love. My husband had many of the same qualities as my dad. He was
a man of integrity. People knew if Brad said he would do something or be
somewhere, he was as good as his word. He loved me with such devotion it
sometimes took my breath away. He showed me through how he lived his life how
to trust, love, and depend on Jesus. His courage gave me courage. His faith
encouraged mine. Not only did Brad inspire me, but he also inspired hundreds, if
not thousands, of others who came to know him.
Question #2. Do you have a special writing area?
I have an office room with a comfortable chair and a desk with a desktop computer.
I prefer to write here but occasionally, I will write down ideas or thoughts on my
tablet while sitting in my living room.
Question #3. Do you have any writing quirks?
Well…I use to use a lot of those dot, dot, dots in my writing! I’ve since learned to
use them more sparingly, if at all. I’m not sure if this next thing is a quirk, but I
also like to find and share a scripture or famous quote that ties into my writing.
These two things often inspire the direction of my thoughts and clarify what I’m
Question #4. Do you read much?
I read my bible every day. As for other books, I’ll read several in spurts and then
not for a while. While in the midst of a writing project, I rarely read other books.
Question #5. Anything else you'd like to share?
When writing my book Legacy of Love, I thought I was writing it more as a book
for my family members and a few close friends to read. It wasn’t until I was in the
editing phase that I realized this was a book for anyone who wants or needs to be
encouraged to hear how God is faithful in his love for us in life’s hardest times.
Although I share some of my most heartbreaking feelings in this book, I also share
how God met me in the midst of them and how faith in Jesus can change our
perspective and comfort us. It is my hope that this book will be remembered as one
that tells two love stories. The first one is of Brad and me. The second and most
important one is the love story of how God loves.

About the Author

Kathy Mills is a former Flight Attendant who started her flying career at age 19 and flew for nearly 33 years before retiring in 2005 with US Airways. Traveling is still one of her favorite things to do.

Kathy is a member of Kempsville Christian Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where her husband Brad served as their church’s worship minister until his death in 2008.

To those who know her best, she’s an eternity-minded daughter of the King, who loves to share her message that with Jesus, there is nothing this world can do to a child of God, that God can’t use to empower them to bring Glory to God.


More from Kathy

Comfort is found in God’s Love and Promises

My longing for more time with Brad is as strong today and will remain in me until I see Him again. I have not experienced one day since Brad’s death that I have not had at the least a moment (usually many moments) of longing for Brad to be with me still. I find comfort in knowing that God who knows my heart understands.


As Believers, we are blessed to have Jesus who understands firsthand the pain of separation that death presses into our souls. I have often felt Jesus sit alongside of me and just grieve with me when I am overcome. I believe Jesus hates death more than we do. I like knowing this. In fact, I need to know this; it comforts me. Our Father is always at work…and He has purposed for good to come from even the most heartbreaking losses. I would never say Brad’s death is good. Yet from the amazing and most gracious love of God, He lifts me up from my anguish and invites himself into my sorrow with His unique joy and transforms me.


God has brought good out of my sorrow. It took my sorrow for the good to be done. I wouldn’t have planned it this way, but I trust God’s plans more than I trust my ways. God will do no less with your sorrow. It’s one of His promises, and God keeps all His promises.


“He heals the brokenhearted. And binds up their wounds [healing their pain and comforting their sorrow].” Psalms 147:3 (AMP)


God’s love tells us this: I have my heart set on you.

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Rita Wray said...

Sounds good. Thank you for sharing.

Kim Kern said...

I believe that Jesus hates death more than we do, too. Death wasn't his original plan. It is hard to lose those you love so much.

Michael Law said...

Thanks for sharing. This one looks good.

Cindi Knowles said...

Sounds really good. I added to my Amazon wishlist.