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"A Field of Forget-me-nots" by Rachel A. James -- Ponder This ... Scavenger Hunt, Author Interview, and Giveaway

For my stop on the scavenger hunt, I will be sharing with you "A Field of Forget-me-nots" by Rachel A. James. Scroll down for my word for the scavenger hunt.
About the Book 

When the patron of the Foundling School takes pity upon young orphan, Georgiana (Ana) Weston, Lady Dunston raises her as one of her own. However, years pass and Lady Dunston's health begins to fail. With the Longworth estate entailed away, Ana is faced with an uncertain future.

Mr. Luke Renshaw still mourns the loss of his parents, and would rather travel the world than live in a place that reminds him of so much pain and loss. But responsibilities await, and when his only aunt becomes sick, he returns to Longworth. After all, it is where he will receive his inheritance.

Luke and Ana used to play together as children, though many years have passed and much has changed. The prospect of marriage without love holds little hope for their romantic ideals, and yet it seems the most sensible solution for both parties.

Author Interview

Q1. What did you enjoy most about writing this book?
A1: I particularly enjoyed the research, as I love the Victorian period. The Victorians considered the idea of home to be very important, and while writing this piece, I often frequented a stately home near to where I live, called Brodsworth Hall. This Victorian mansion inspired my own fictional Longworth Hall. The gardens there are particularly lovely, and they play an important part in the story A Field of Forget-me-Nots.  

Q2: How do you select the names of your characters?
A2: I begin by researching names for a particular time period or location (in this instance, Victorian) and find names that aren’t too difficult to pronounce or read to make it easier for the reader to remember them. Then, I’ll look at their meaning. I always try and select a name with a meaning that can reveal a trait about their character. For instance, in a Field of Forget-me-nots, my leading lady is Georgiana, which means ‘farmer’. This is significant, for although Georgiana (or Ana, for short) lives amongst the English peerage, she is, deep down, just a hardworking, willing-to-get-her-hands-dirty girl. Luke’s name, on the other hand, means ‘light’ or ‘the bright one’. The idea of Luke’s presence brining some light into Ana’s world is a theme which I explored within my novella. 

Q3: For your first draft, do you prefer handwriting or computer?
A3: The computer, every time! I’m fortunate that I can touch type, and I can therefore write at the speed of my own thoughts. I also find typing very therapeutic, especially if I’m listening to music at the same time. I reach a comfortable typing rhythm, and then it almost feels like I’m playing the piano with my words!

Q4: Do you like music or other background sounds when you are writing, or do you prefer silence?
A4: I love listening to film scores when I’m writing… movie soundtracks that suit the genre and tone of the piece that I am writing. I actually find this helps with writer’s block considerably. I’ve also discovered that, if the house is particularly noisy, listening to music through the headphones keeps me focused by eliminating distractions. The music can’t have any words though, or else I find myself singing along with the music, or even worse, writing the words down!

Q5: Does writing energize or exhaust you?
A5 I find it exhausting! Creating something some nothing is emotionally draining and physically tiring. I may not have moved from my chair, but I feel like I’ve done a day’s full work-out! Of course, in my mind, I’ve scaled the heights of mountains, sailed across the vast ocean, fought battles… laughed and cried. Yes, writing is tiring, but it is also exhilarating. 

About the Author

Rachel is an inspirational author. She has an MA in Creative Writing and loves to write fiction that uplifts, inspires, and encourages others. She lives in Yorkshire with her husband and three adorable girls and when not writing she enjoys idling time away in a vintage teashop or visiting a historic landmark in pursuit of a new story! For more information visit

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