Friday, July 4, 2014

Family Reunion Week

This past week was the week my sister and her family were here from Arizona, so it was filled with activities and gatherings.

Lunch at Mom & Dad's:

Unfortunately, my parents' newest kitten was sick and died during the day of our family get together, so we had a funeral for him at the end of the day.

Picnic with my Aunt and Uncle who came over from Wisconsin (I didn't get many pictures!)

The "Triplet Cousins" are 10!!

High School Graduation Open House for Marissa:

My oldest nephew and his girlfriend (how can he be old enough for that!)
Hanging out with Matt & Amy at Camp Concordia:

Dan took the kids on a quick trip out on the lake:

Dan & Matt took the canoe out to do some fishing:

The rest of us swam:

Marissa and Sydney take David for a canoe trip:

More fishing:

Emily took this video of the fishing:

These little birds weren't very scared of us


Sarah's fish

These swans came right up to where the kids were fishing!

My cousin and her kids came in the evening:

Wil and Will playing soccer

Is Matt making a fire or reading the paper?

The fishermen caught a turtle!

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