Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sarah's Stitches

In February, Sarah was wearing some of my Valentine hanging earrings.  She ended up with it pulling the hole in her ear bigger.  I tried to tape it together so that it would heal together, but it didn't.  Then the last week of school in June, the last little bit of flesh gave way, leaving her with a split ear. 

At the hospital to get her lacerated ear lobe fixed

Back from surgery

5 stitches

She got 3 tokens to "buy" something from the prize tower

Being pushed to the exit in a child sized wheelchair

Right before the stitches came out

The doctor didn't do as nice of a job as I would have expected and there is a flap that is longer on the one side, but at least it isn't split any more!


Mieal Deneb said...

Wow, that is a sloppy job. I wonder if something can be done to the flap later on down the road? Will she get it re-pierced, or is she too afraid it'll do the same thing?


Becky Dempsey said...

The docter said several times that he highly discouraged her getting it repierced as it "would just happen again". But the nurse that was in the room after Sarah woke up had her earring riped out by her baby 20+ years ago and she got it repierced higer up and never had another problem with it. I think we'll wait a couple years to let her ear "toughen up" a little and then let her get it repierce if she wants. And then, just post earrings!