Thursday, December 22, 2011

Girls and Curls - Part 2

The girls like to have curls in their hair and I blogged about it before. After I got my perm , the girls said that they wanted to get perms, too.  I told them we would during Christmas vacation.  So today, we went to Grandma's house and did perms!  Last year, (almost exactly) we took the girls to get their ears pierced.  I wonder what big thing we'll do next year! 

Emily with the before perm conditioner

getting rinsed

Rolling up the curlers

All set for the chemicals

Not liking the chemicals!

Taking out the curlers

All done!

Zonked out on Grandpa ☺ (getting a perm is hard work!)

Sarah with the before perm conditioner

Getting rolled up (Mom)

Getting rolled up (Grandma)

The lovely chemicals


Getting rinsed


Taking the curlers out

All done (and Emi is still zonked!)
It only took each girl an hour start to finish, so that wasn't too bad!  The boys got hair cuts this morning, too, so we're all ready for Christmas pictures!

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