Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Working on the Playset

I have wanted to build a playset for the kids for about 5 years.  We've had materials for a couple years and even had a shell of one together.  It wasn't very sturdy/straight and I decided it wasn't in a very good spot, so we decided to start over.  We realized it wasn't a 2 person job, so we asked if my parents would be able to help.  This past week while it was in the 70's, we got to work!

I didn't get a before picture, so I looked through pictures from this summer to see if any showed the area

This was from July, so the area was even more overgrown now

This shows the dead tree and old burn barrel

Getting to work

Start of a burn pile

Andy helps Grandma clean out the undergrowth

Laying out the structure

This branch was hanging low in the way

It's coming together ☺

Making sure it's level

Yes, I did help, too!

Doesn't it look nice now?

As it is now.  The rest will probably wait until Spring

Our pile to burn - it's hard to see how big it really is!

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