Sunday, October 19, 2008


Our frost-free hydrant was leaking somewhere and we had a bog in our front yard (the grass right around it was very lush!)

We turned the pump off (to stop the leak) and started digging to find the problem

Sarah was digging for "gold"

I told Dan I felt like we were in the movie "Holes" (with Shia LaBeouf)

After having the pump on for an hour, the hole filled up with water again! (Later the hole had water whether the pump had been on or not)

The red line is the water line.


More digging

To give you an idea of how deep the hole is, that is a regular shovel in the bottom of the hole, with the grass being the level ground.

Here you can see the bend in the pipe going to the well/pump

It turned out that the pipe wasn't leaking, just the hydrant, so that was good!

Taking out the old hydrant

The old hydrant next to the new one

We decided to put stones in the bottom to help with drainage

Time to fill in the hole

The girls packing the dirt down

All filled in

Spreading grass seed

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