Sunday, December 16, 2007

Crocheted Longies

I beta tested a Brillopants crocheted longie pattern (size small).

They were very easy and quick to make.

I used a mystery thrift store find wool yarn that I hand dyed using Kool-Aid.

I ran out of the rainbow yarn, so I added some green (also dyed with Kool-Aid) on the ends like cuffs.

Now, all sewn together.

I thought it was interesting how the legs turned out differently even using the same yarn.

Here they are on my 21 month old (22 lbs).

They are a little tight on her legs.

Here they are on my 1 month old (10 lbs).

Obviously quite a bit large on him (and the cuffs are turned up) , but he has a tiny heiny.


Kelly G said...

Gorgeous if I must say so myself!
They turned out really well - I love the yarn and the fact that one of the legs looks like it has a Cause Ribbon on it.
Thanks for trying it!

Linda said...

These are darling! I'm a tester too and in knitting this same size I was thinking they looked kinda large so it is great to see them on kids! My granddaughter isn't due to enter the world for four more weeks, and I was thinking maybe I should have got the NB size. But maybe these will be fine in 3 months or so. :)

she knits said...

So gorgeous and I noticed you have had a family picture with William as well for your homepage. such a happy family! Enjoy Christmas with then all.
Kind regards, Mel in Melbourne, Australia