Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Romanian Point Lace Fish

To make a Romanian Point Lace object, you need to start with a pattern.

The braid is whip stitched to the pattern.

Here some of the areas are filled in with needlelace.

The fish is all filled in.

The fish has been removed from the pattern.

I have sewn the fish onto a blanket for William. It is designed after one of the fish on his baby quilt.

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Amy :) said...


I've been thinking of you all week... it's almost time!!! And I will be praying for you tomorrow as you are induced, labor & give birth to William. I pray it all goes really, really great! :)

We love you!
Amy & family :)

PS--Oh, and the fish blanket is beautiful! I wonder if he will carry it around with him the way Jesse carries around his "special blanket". (That's what he calls the blanket I crocheted for him while I was on bedrest. It makes me feel really good when I see how much he likes the blanket I designed & made for him!)