Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Day of Babysitting

Emily asked me to watch her toys today. She told me that I needed to "do things" with them. This is a picture record of our day.

First, they wanted to play in the sleigh
Then they made some coffee for me

Stirring in the cream and sugar

They wanted to try my coffee

Next, they helped me make lunch by scrubbing potatoes

Then they each had to take a turn cutting the potatoes

Next, they helped stir in the seasonings 

They decided we should make a dessert

I had to help add the sugar as it was too heavy

They thought the cocoa would taste good, but realized it didn't

They also each helped with the mixer

They wanted to smell the vanilla as is the tradition in our family

Sampling the nuts

and the chocolate chips

Making sure it tastes yummy

Watching while I pour it into the pan

They offered to wash the dishes, but I told them we could wait

We checked out Facebook while we waited for lunch to cook

We ate lunch

and dessert

They helped brainstorm ideas for my book

They were sleepy, so they took a nap

When they got up, they read a book

They then played some Minecraft

Finally, they watched for Emily to get home.

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Tammy Kirshman said...

Well they had a very busy day.