Thursday, May 5, 2016

Upper Elementary Spring Music Program

This year, William and Emily were both in the "upper" elementary so they had their music program in the Spring (K-2 has their program in the winter). Most of the songs had an adult singing the main part which sort of annoyed the kids as they had the whole song memorized (and liked them) but could only sing for part of the program. It seems to me that it is a school program-the kids should be featured.

"Do Re Mi" William held the "fa" sign. Even more evidence of his improvement of his social anxiety.

"Alabama Gal"

"Reflection" from Mulan

"Rock Around the Clock"

"Rockin' Around the Hound Dog's Blue Suede Shoe Bag"

"Super Mario Brothers"

"The Rainbow Connection"

"Ease on Down the Road"
Emily had a solo in this song (but could have sang the whole thing)

"Everything is Awesome"

William was hidden behind the soloists, but he kept peeking out at us.


Emily is braiding her friend's hair!

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