Sunday, March 16, 2014

Book Review: "A March Bride" by Rachel Hauck

I was given an eBook copy of "A March Bride" by Rachel Hauck through Booklook Bloggers in order for me to review it.  "A March Bride" is the 4th in the "A Year of Wedding Novella" series.  While the characters in 2 of the 3 other novellas in the series knew each other at the beginning of their story, this one started with them already engaged!  I actually met Susanna Truitt and King Nathaniel II of Brighton Kingdom in "A Princess Ever After", but their story is actually started in "Once Upon a Prince".

The very first part of "A March Bride" is like a newspaper article that "catches the reader up" on Susanna and Nathaniel's lives up to the beginning of the novella.  I didn't read "Once Upon a Prince", so didn't know much of their story, just that they were engaged to be married in "A Princess Ever After" and a few little details of them meeting.

Susanna has given up pretty much everything she knows to be able to be with Nathaniel in Brighton and to marry him.  As the days get closer and closer to them getting married, one thing after another goes wrong and Susanna flies back to Georgia to figure things out.  She has a talk with her pastor and he helps her work through some of her concerns and reminds her that we have to give up our earthly citizenship to gain our Heavenly citizenship.

As this is "A March Bride", we know that Susanna and Nathaniel do, indeed, get married, but the twists and turns the story takes you on are fun to experience.  I enjoyed reading the book and that I could finish it in an evening.

You can get "A March Bride" as an eBook for $3.79

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