Sunday, November 17, 2013

Full Double Rainbow

Today, there were some pretty intense storms that came through the area (and I heard spawned upwards of 75 tornadoes south of us).  The radar showed red for the rain and usually when we get really heavy rain, it's only ever orange.  The main part of the storm passed before we needed to head back to church for choir practice.  One of the ladies came in and said there was a pretty rainbow, so a few of us headed out to see.  We could see both sides and the complete arc.  As we watched, it turned into a double rainbow and got brighter.  It was beautiful and great to see God's promise to us after the stormy weather.


Ed & Dottie said...

You sure got nice pictures of the rainbow. We took some but we were driving to get to church so ours aren't as pretty. Even the pictures don't really get how pretty it realy was.

tattrldy said...

It's pretty special to see a double rainbow and even rarer to see both complete. Thanks for sharing a bit of God's beauty with us.