Sunday, September 15, 2013

Grand Rogue Encampment 2013

This weekend was the annual "Grand Rogue Encampment".  We forgot to get the request for time off in soon enough, so Dan had to work.  This meant we also didn't sleep in the tent, either.

Emily got a new dress as her old one was *really* small (I made it as big as I could with the fabric I had)

Andy getting Grandma a drink

The kids each made a batch of biscuits:

Our oven

Just an "artsy" picture of my mug with my drop spindle and wool

Someone made a "stick garden" - I just found it like that ☺

William was the keeper of the fire while Grandpa napped

Will didn't want to walk past the cannon, so he stayed at the tent most of the time

The other 3 kids "went exploring" often

Civil War "battle"

Apple pie we cooked over the fire

Playing tic-tac-toe

Day Two:

Our "Indian" friend.  The kids spent a lot of time over at his area.

He was cutting open one of his heritage watermelons so we could have the seeds.
We had gotten bean seeds from him a few years ago and the kids love growing
the Indian produce. He also gave us some black sweet corn to plant ☺

Our "family" picture

Putting the extra wood back

So I can find my list of things I need to do before next year, I'm going to list them here!

Sarah-new dress and pantaloons
William-let the hems down on his pants
Andrew-new shirt/pants/stays (big boy clothes)
Me-mend tear in Sunday dress, fix waistbands on slips