Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sarah's First Field Trip

In the beginning of November, Sarah brought home permission papers about their field trip coming up the next week.  They didn't say anything about needing chaperones, but the day before the field trip, Sarah came home and said that they needed "one more parent to go".  I e-mailed her teacher to say I would be willing to go, but I didn't want everyone to have asked their parent and for her to have too many!  She wrote back the next morning and said I was the first to respond, so I told her I'd come.  It turned out, I was the ONLY parent that came!  It was something to do with the Grand Rapids Symphony and was at a movie theater, so I thought they were having the whole symophony and introducing the sections/kinds of instruments.  It ended up be one guy who is a percussionist with the symphony.  He talked about different types of percussion instruments and really got the kids involved.  It was a fun time ☺
The lights on the side of the theater looked like eyes!

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