Friday, December 14, 2012

Carriage Ride 2012

It was time for the free horse and carriage rides again. They like to change it up once in awhile with the tops down or tops up. Last year, there were 3 carriages and this year it was back to 2. (Well, at first anyway!) This year, it was myself and my kids, my sister and her kids, and our mom & dad who went. Before, we've split into 2 groups that went at the same time in different carriages. This time, there were already 2 groups waiting for carriage #1 and 1 group waiting for carriage #2, so we decided to wait together for carriage #2. Half of us would ride first, followed by the other half the next time around. My sister and her kids and our mom got on the carriage and carriage #2 had a problem with the wheel, so they pulled it out of rotation and continued with just carriage #2. The poor horse pulling carriage #2 did NOT like that and was crying for her friend!

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