Thursday, February 23, 2012

Animal Ear Flap Hats

I had made Emily a Princess Leia "bun hair" hat and had/have plans to make Star Wars themed hats for the other kids (R2D2, Yoda...) but haven't gotten to them.  Sarah asked if I could make her a monkey hat.  She wanted it to have ear flaps and strings.  So I set out to design one.  After making hers, the other kids gave me their "orders" for the animal hat they wanted.  I had Sarah's made before Christmas, but then I had other things I had to work on, so I didn't get to the other 3 hats until last week.  I finished Will's on the 12th, Andy's on the 14th, and Emily's on the 15th.





All of them together

And because I mentioned it, Emily's Princess Leia bun hair hat

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