Friday, July 8, 2011

4H Fair 2011

Wednesday, my family, as well as my mom & dad, and my sister and her 3 kids went to the fair to look at the animals and participate in the "Kids Day" activities and freebies.

Andy and cousin Peter looking at rabbits
Sarah petting an angora goat

Andy really liked the donkey!

William checking out the turkeys

This is his response to the loud "gobbling" (you may need to click to see the picture bigger)


petting a calf

Dan decided to give the cow some attention, too.


I used to teach with this girl's mom!

The cow turned her head away just as I took the picture.

Andy petting a sheep

The girls petting a sheep

William and cousin Anna looking at the alpacas

Everyone looking at the alpacas.

William on a big tractor

Andy climbing up (he really LOVED the tractors!) ☺

Size comparison!

Sarah wouldn't climb up any farther (and she was trying to get Andy to stop climbing all the way up!)

Emily only made it this far up because Dan put her there.

This was more on her level!

Checking out the antique tractor

Looking at the rabbits

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Amy :) said...

Looks like fun! How do you like the new fairgrounds? One of these years maybe we'll be back in town during fair week to go check it out. :)

I *love* the horse stalls!
Amy :)