Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Time!


1st tulips!


Tulips open

I still have pink Hyacinths!  I thought they were gone!

The forsythia don't have as many blooms this year

Playing in the rain = go straight for the puddle!

Emi with a worm

Andy with a worm

Will with a worm

Everyone with their rescued worms!

Spring also means acorns all over the lawn.  I've already spent 3 hours picking them up and have more to go!

Planting seeds

Camping out in the boys' room during the power outage.  Emi is sleeping on Sarah's arm!

Seeds planted and waiting to grow

Andy checking out the seeds

The kids found a robin sitting in the flower bed

Andy can't quite make it go by himself, but he loves to sit on the Stider Pre-bike!

The robin


Gina said...

It's good you take lots of photos. These years go by so fast because they are so busy but you'll love looking back at the photos.

Ed & Dottie said...

Neat pictures of the kids & your flowers. They all look like they are having fun outside.

Mieal Deneb said...

Was the robin hurt?

I used to have hyacinths but they got destroyed when it snowed the last time. It had been warm, so they were sprouting and then the ice and snow that pelted down broke off the budding stems on all my hyacinth plants, so now I don't have any blooms. :( My tulips and daffodils are fine though, thankfully.


Amy :) said...

The flowers are beautiful, Becky!! :) And I was wondering the same thing about the robin, that it was still on the ground for the kids to discover.

We have a mourning dove nest in one of our mesquite trees in our front yard. SO cool to see springtime happening, isn't it? :)