Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Boys' Room!

I got the Boys' Room finished and ready for Andrew to be born!

Andrew's crib

Will's crib

William showing Andrew's bed.

I made the cushion covers,

diaper stacker,

and curtains

to match the quilt my mom made for Andrew.

Here is a close up of the main fabric.

I didn't have a mobile until my mom found this "antique" that my grandma had used for one of my aunts. I need to alter it a little, though, as it is too close to the mattress!


Ed & Dottie said...

Their room is looking nice & coming togather well, just need Andrew to make it complete. Love Ya, Mom/Grandma

mattswife1990 said...

Ah, I bet you can hardly wait for him to be born!!

Amy :)

Ladytats said...

a very nice room Becky,
not much longer to wait.

mattswife1990 said...

Hey Becky,

Congrats on the birth of Andrew!! We are all excited for you, and loved seeing the photos Mom sent and the ones Rachel put on her blog.

But... I keep checking in here for the birth story. You know me... I need the details straight from the horse's mouth. :)

Then it occurred to me that you now have four kids in the house, the oldest being five. And I remembered how busy I felt when we brought Jesse home. That's when I felt like we had a big family... and our age spacing was not as close as yours.

So, enjoy that new little blessing! I look forward to reading the birth story when you have a chance to post it!

We love you all!!
Amy & Matt and fam :)