Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fair Week

I finally got a fair book early enough to get some things brought (even if it was only a couple of weeks before the week of the fair) There aren't many categories to enter. Under "Needlework", there are 11 classes for "crocheting".

I entered my crocheted food under "Any other crocheted item"

These are all my own patterns.
Under"Knitting" there are 8 classes. I entered these under "Any other knitted item"
Under "Sewing" there are 10 classes. One was "Recycled Garment". To me, that means recycled wool sweater into woolies!

Showing where I cut the pieces from.

Finished articles. The first pair of longies are a little bigger but the other 3 pieces will be for Andrew right after birth.

"Other Fine Arts" has 10 classes: Woodworking, Leather craft, Christmas Decoration, Handmade Jewelry, Taxidermy, Macrame, Fabric Painting, Basket, Plastic craft, and Any other craft not listed.

This was entered under "Christmas Decoration". It will be in my next book.

I entered my tatted sheep under "Any other craft".

Here are my items at the fair:

1st place and Outstanding exhibit.

1st place

1st place

1st place

Has a Participation ribbon attached. My mom noticed that it has "3rd" written on the tag, so it has the wrong ribbon. I looked for the 1st and 2nd place items. 1st was a boat made out of Lego bricks and 2nd was a Grapevine wreath with 3 things attached to it! They obviously don't know anything about tatting!

We always look at the animals while we're at the fair.

Emily loved all the animals.

William wasn't too sure about most of the animals, but really liked the baby goats!


tatt3r said...

Congratulations, Becky! I think you're right, they don't know much about tatting. But they liked your crocheted food. It looks good in the picnic basket.

tattrldy said...

Congratulations on all your entries! They all looked like winners to me! I wonder if they thought your sheep was crochet? It was very cute.

wickedtats said...

Congratulations on your wins!!!! Your children are precious

Linda S Davies said...

Well done, Becky! Your items looked stunning, but there are so many people who know nothing about tatting at all - all over the globe!!!

Tattycat said...

Congratulations, Becky! You did a wonderful job and so many different things. I agree with Linda about people who know nothing about tatting!