Friday, June 13, 2008

My Expanding Garden

I got my garden planted on Memorial Day.

It doesn't look like much since all you can see is the red & yellow bell pepper plants (they didn't have green peppers at the store), the tomato plant and the pumpkin.

Different angle

Then Dan said he'd like to have sweet onions. So he added a couple more rows (of passes with the rototiller) to the back of the garden and I planted them. Then our across-the-street-neighbor came over and asked if we wanted any plants for our garden. We said, "Sure!" and Dan added 4 more rows to the side!

Here is what it looks like now! I added about 20 more tomato plants, 40 more bell peppers, and some yellow squash!

(the "fence" is to mark off the area the kids can dig in)

This side is completely new! It has multicolored bell peppers in the back, then tomatoes, and finally a couple more rows of green peppers.

From the back, we have: yellow squash, corn, pumpkin, red & yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, green bell peppers

From the back we have: sweet onions, watermelon, carrots, lettuce (from volunteers), beets, garlic, more squash (the original occupant, cantelope, died), potatoes (from store bought ones that were growing)

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