Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Diapers

I have some "Infant" sized diapers that I got when Sarah was born. I used them for Sarah and Emily until they potty trained. But with the girls, I used PUL wraps, so the diaper just got laid in the wrap and the wrap hooked in the front. With Will, I have been using a Snappi with the wool soakers. This means I need the diaper to be able to come far enough around the body to hook the Snappi.

Here is Will wearing the Infant diaper with the Snappi.

Close up you can see how there isn't much overlap of the diaper to hook.

My Infant diapers are getting worn since they've been in continuous use for almost 4 years.

I bought some Premium sized prefolds from the same on-line group that I bought the Preemie sized ones

Here is one unwashed measuring about 14 x 22½"

Now after 3 washing and drying cycles, (laying on top of the unwashed one) it measures 12 x 18"

I added the Infant sized one on top to see how it compares in size.

And just for the fun of it, here is the Preemie one added on top.

See how fluffy the are?

I put them back in the box so that you could see the difference in size from when they first came.

I did have about a dozen Birdseye diapers about the same size.

But they are quite a bit thinner and I didn't know how well they'd hold up to the Snappi.

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mattswife1990 said...


They look like great diapers! Isn't it funny how you change what you like about diapers as you go?

With David & Jessica, I did plain old K-Mart prefolds with pins & plastic pants. Then with Marissa, I bought a bunch of diaper covers at the local children's resale clothing store and used those.

With Joshua, it had been a few years, so I had gotten rid of everything we had before (it was just plain worn out!). We started fresh with plain old Wal-Mart prefolds, diaper pins and plastic pants. And then while pregnant with Jesse, I switched to pocket diapers I'd made, mostly with fleece outsides, but some with PUL outsides.

But with Naomi, I totally "wimped out" and went with disposables! Maybe it was the busy-ness of having five kids, Jesse (our most active) being only 19 months old. And being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Whatever it was, I just did disposables.

And my pocket diapers I made found new homes with friends who wanted to "do" cloth. :) Sometimes I kinda miss the diapers I worked so hard to make, but we don't have anyone in diapers anymore now! And they'd be so HOT in Arizona, even if we did!!