Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spring Break

We continued our trend of going to somewhere in Michigan for Spring Break. This year, we went to Gaylord, which took about 2 1/2 hours to get to. Because Spring Break actually took place the week of Easter, we got an extra long week since the kids didn't have school on Good Friday. We had beautiful weather for the drive up on Friday and spent the rest of the evening relaxing (despite Will's attempts to get us to go swimming).

The kids made a beeline for the loft as soon as we got to the cabin

The "master bedroom"

 The kids ready for bed the first night:


The boys made a "cave" between the bed and the roof/wall

Andy in the "cave"

Will going into the "cave"

Saturday, we had plans to take the kids to an Easter egg hunt and were blessed with snow and wind which made life interesting! They had a raffle and we froze while we waited for the drawing, but they called our number for a boy's scooter! After all the drawings for the different age/gender groups, they went back through and did drawings for the unclaimed prizes. Some of the groups took awhile to find a winner that was present. For the boys' group, they decided to collect the "keep this ticket" part of the ticket for the people still there for that group. I just finished telling Will, "We have to remember our number is 511374" and the guy pulled out a ticket and said "511374"! We won a bike! We were trying to figure out how we'd get it home at the end of the week when we remembered my parents were going to be coming up for a visit. Eureka! We'd send it home with them!

They're in there somewhere!

It made it interesting to get back to the cabin

Going through the eggs/candy they got. Will is holding the scooter we won.

We put the bike in the tub to dry from all the snow that was on it

Making Jello eggs. We'd forgotten a funnel, so I made one out of the bottom of a disposable pie tin.

Our porch light was automatic and it blinked. It was annoying (especially for Sarah, who's bed in the loft was opposite the window) so we covered it with towels every night!

I didn't want to take up the space to bring the Easter baskets, so I used what was at the cabin

I did bring the eggs for our scavenger Easter egg hunt

checking out what they got in the eggs

Easter dinner

We were watching TV in our room and ended up with most of the kids in with us

so we called Sarah in, also...

We forgot the swim masks, but we played catch with Will's football

The huge water slide to the outside swimming area

Emi's ears were cold


It was the warmest day on Monday and it turned out to be the perfect day for my parents to come up for the day.

First, we went to "Call of the Wild Museum"

Then we went to the Elk Park:

"Ice Tree"
We went to Walmart and then went to Culver's for dinner.

Back at the cabin, we had pie and Emi opened a birthday present from my brother and sister-in-law as they missed her party last week.

After my parents left, we went swimming again and Andy took these pictures:


I don't have any pictures from Tuesday, but we were expecting freezing rain, so we went swimming in the morning and then holed up in the cabin. We ended up with only snow, but got about 9+ inches!


Will and his snow pig


Big icicle William found

My parents had brought up the swim masks, so the kids enjoyed using them the rest of the week

Andy's face with marks from his mask

We were in the first cabin on the end

We drove home on Friday and had gotten snow the night before, so it was not the best road conditions getting to the freeway, then about a half hour into the drive, we got snow and low visibility for about a half hour. After we made it through that, the rest of the drive was fine.

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Lisa said...

Looks like it was a nice getaway! Kudos for doing Easter baskets away from home! (I love the pots & pans. :))