Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Snow Day

We got snow on Sunday again, although not as much as the week before. The back roads were not cleared yet, so they cancelled school. (I'm not sure why they have a "paved roads only" plan when they never seem to use it, but just cancel school if the back roads are bad).

William declared that he wanted to make another igloo that would be for everyone (he made one last week for himself) and wanted to know who wanted to help. No one volunteered, so I told him I'd help him. Emily and Andrew decided to help, too. Sarah didn't want to.

We piled snow in a big pile and then packed it down with the shovels. It wasn't packing snow, but it worked okay. Once we had a big pile, William started digging out the inside. The kids took turns carving out the inside while I piled the excavated snow on the outside of the igloo. We talked Sarah into coming out for a little while, but she didn't stay long. We were outside for at least 2 hours working on the igloo.

We didn't dig out all of the snow but enough to fit all of us in it sitting up.

About 6:00, Will said he wanted to add another room to the igloo. I joined him and that brought Emily and Andy out again, also. It has more work to be done, but it was dark and cold with the sun being down, so we decided it was time to come inside.

We put a window in the addition to keep it from being too claustrophobic. 

Picture looking in through the window

 Me laying on my back in the new addition looking toward the original area where Andy is.


Lisa said...

What a great memory for your kids! (One of my sister's few memories of my mother before her brain aneurysm was of her building a snowman with her!)

Lisa said...

(Not to imply anything bad, just that it was a significant event in my sister's young life!) :)

Dorothy Woodard said...

Very nice snow building. It looks like it was a lot of work. But it looks like you all were having fun.