Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Break....Sigh

Today was the last day of school for our kids. They had a half day (although Sarah also had a half day yesterday). I love my kids, but life is a lot more stressful when they are all home all day! My kids are not the quiet, keep to yourself type of children that I was. Mine are loud and boisterous and quite often argumentative. I'm glad for the hour between when the kids go to bed and Dan gets up for work. It is so calm and peaceful.

Today was a hot day. It is currently 83 at 8:30 p.m. The kids decided they wanted to go out and run through the sprinkler. So I had to find swimsuits for everyone. Sarah's did not fit. At all. Not even close. So I dug out some old swimsuits of mine. I pinned up the straps on one, but other wise, it fit her! So not ready for that. I have been the same height since 8th grade. She has progressed much faster along the maturity path than I did, so who knows when she'll reach her full height. I also had to find the sprinkler they use for playing in, which I couldn't seem to find. I also wanted to find the water balloons. I could find the filling nozzle that didn't fit the hose, but not the one that did fit. Meanwhile, I just wanted to read. (I needed to read since the review is due Wednesday). I finally did find the water balloon nozzle, but then I couldn't get the sprayer off the hose! I had a few minutes of quiet until they all came bustling back in. And no one seems to remember that when it's hot outside, we need to keep the door closed to keep the heat out, or what to do with wet things. At least I don't have to set an alarm to be up to get Sarah on the bus by 6:30 for a few months.


Marge Jones said...

I feel your pain! However I love the slower pace that summer brings---and the help with household chores! This year will be the first that all of the kids (except the 2 who cannot) will be doing their own laundry...washing, drying, putting away (that last is huge!)

I'm giving my kids a few "free" days, but beginning soon they have a chart of things to do before they can have free time. Each have 1 or 2 assigned chores, and have to ask for a 2nd. They each have 15 min of workbook time; 15 min of reading (to me this is the best part!!) and they have to play outside for at least 15 min. Then, and only then, can they have free time (usually electronics of some kind!)

There is some flexibility of course, cause this IS summer, however, we did this last year, and shockingly, it worked!

Love you---you're a good Momma!
Aunt Marge

If they complain about being bored, I can always come up with another chore! I found some good ideas on Pinterest this year. One was to put a chores on tongue depressor sticks with a chore per stick.

I've got a couple of rowdy ones, too, but unless the weather prohibits outdoor play they need to take it outside!!

Ed & Dottie said...

Hang in there all too soon they will be all grown up & out of the house & you will miss all the noise.